What does the name sake "Mongo" mean for this physique production company ? If you are thinking it possibly meaning that huge & unforgettable character played by Alex Karras in the comical movie Blazing Saddles that would be a good guess !
Well that being said the name is much more meaningful unforgettable to me :) . This was a very fond name I nicknamed my late Mother Geneva Fullen Hollibaugh who passed away early last year . I called this incredibly loving woman virtually every night . It was such a blessing every time she answered the phone :) . She was so very supportive ,loving and caring of me and to all her family. For those reasons and more I wanted to bless and also honor her in all these future shows with her nickname . If she was alive today she would be sitting in the front row supporting all of you on June 11th :) . I know her beautiful spirit will be ....

God Bless you all & good luck ,

Brad Hollibaugh